MU-MIMO, a term to take note for wi-fi

MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output) is a new wi-fi standard that might revolutionize how wi-fi is used. The standard allows routers to hold conversations with multiple devices using different streams at the same time. Unlike the current method in which the router is time sharing the data stream with multiple devices. See the following article from Digital Trends:

What is MU-MIMO?

Speedier web is coming with HTTP/2 standard

HTTP/2, the next major change to the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, has been formally approved by the IESG (Internet Engineering Steering Group). HTTP/2 is based on Google’s SPDY/2 protocol which should enable faster page loads in the future web based on the HTTP/2 standard. See the following article from Neowin for details:

HTTP/2 standard has been finalized, paving the way for a faster Web.

Save memory in Chrome by using one process per site












Do you use Chrome as your browser and sometimes found it’s taking up lots of memory. This can happen when you have many tabs opened because by default Chrome uses a separate process for each tab. Use the following trick from gHacks Tech News to configure Chrome to use less memory by using the same process for the same site.

Save memory in Chrome by using one process per site – gHacks Tech News.